Saturday, October 22, 2005

That Awkward Moment

It happens to just about every one of us. You establish a relationship that seems good for a while, you have good times and good laughs. Then things go sour, at first you try to make it work, but eventually you just have to break it off and move on.

Then comes that awkard moment, where you see them later at a store. You aknowledge it each, tell briefly what you've been up to, and make that non-commital statement of having to meet up. Though you both know you'll like never really do so.

Yup, it can be very weird running into your ex-comic retailer.:)


James Meeley said...

Just imagine how akward it would be if you were working for one of their competitors. Or even better (or worse, depending on your POV), you ARE now their competition.

Just remember, as strained as such encounters might feel, it can always be made worse. ;)

Anonymous said...

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James Schee said...

Right you are James!