Monday, June 13, 2005

Quick JLU Comments

I just caught up with the last two episodes of the Justice League Unlimited series, I love you TIVO, and was quite impressed by both.

The first one written by Gail Simone showcases the Huntress in pursuit of her own style of justice. Despite having to wear that really ridiculous Jim Lee outfit with the bare stomach, I really enjoyed the character's portrayal.

Her origin and motivations are established right off, and thus we get right to the story. I do get tired of everyone being out to get Huntress because she takes a different approach than they do. Her behavior isn't that different from her contemporaries, yet she gets called to the carpet for it more than anyone else.

Still she proves herself in the end while still being true to herself. Her not being yet another square peg hero makes for a much richer character to follow, and I hope we see more of her soon.

The other one introduced Captain Marvel to the show, and at first I didn't like what seemed to be a jealous and bulling portrayal of Superman in his interaction with CM.

Yet the more I thought of it the more the underpinnings worked for me. While the surface level aspects of a conspiracy by Luthor and Co. against the Justice League. I liked the subtext at how un-hero like the other JLA members have become.

While CM has a child like glee for his powers and makes himself a positive force for good in the world with his cheer and positive outlook. The JLA have become darker and look for the bad in everyone. Preferring to bully and over power any obstacle, rather than look at it in another light.

I wonder if this was a subtle jab by writer J.M. Demantiss at the negative portrayals of these very same characters in today's DC Comics? Where events like Identity Crisis and the upcoming Infinity Crisis has left a negative and brutish feel to the world and its heroes. With no room for the child like glee and innocense that superhero comics used to provide.

Or perhaps I'm just seeing things from my own bias.:)

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